Natural phenomenon

I have been in a lot of storms but one not to long ago stud  out from the others it was a snow storm. It was snowing very hard and it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. I have to shovel two different driveways and their was almost 8 inches of snow it was a lot of work. It wasn’t just the snow that was bad it was the temperature too! I got to negative 40 with the wind chill it was insane!

If you were out side for 5 minutes with a little bit of skin not covered you would get frost bite on it  was so cold I wasn’t even aloud outside! their was a lot of ice and blowing snow so their was almost no cars driving around town it was way to dangerous you could drive right into a ditch!



2013 Year in Review

This video is about all the main events of the amazing year 2013! I have many different people and events that have happened. For example, Meteorites in Russia, Lance Armstrong, Bill gates becoming the richest man in the world and many more! So watch this video to see what happened in 2013!

week 9

And then it Happened


All my life I have had a fear of loose hair I find it everywhere: the bathroom, kitchen and always water parks. It is like a curse.It is everywhere. but there was one place I had never found it before…

It was a Saturday I had my freinds Connor and Dylan sleep over. We had a lot of fun. We played road hockey, baseball and football.Unfortunately i got wrecked by Connor a couple of times. We went to bed at 3:00am and woke up at 12:00am

. Our favourite is cereal cinnamon toast crunch. It is like eating five spoons full of sugar! I happened to look over my shoulder and my sister had finished her (beauty sleep) as she likes to say…

When she got out of bed she could be twins with a zombie.she got closer to me my mom turned on the radio to the song I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH. My sister started to dance I looked at connor AND THEN IT HAPPENED

 When I took my last bite of cereal and I felt the disgusting texture of my sister’s hair,I threw up all over my mom. She was so disgusted so was connor and dylan they were nearly green! she finally made a rule that my sister had to keep her hair away from me at breakfast.Then I felt a lot safer.


Josh K


Challange 8

Activity 1

What makes a great post: When a post has a catchy title and long but not too long. also, when their isn’t many spelling mistakes

When you are out visiting blogs,what makes you stop and read a post:when I notice a cool title that stands out I want to read it to find out what it ‘s about. Also at least a paragraph long

How do you find great posts on a blog: when i find links to different post from my classmates or just look at many blogs in the student blogging challenge


Activity 3

what is a great post you have written: one of my great posts was about malalah

what made it stand out from other posts: it was a very detailed post and their is many true facts in that paragraph. also, their was a very good picture

on your blog, are u able to write posts about your own interest?: Yes  I am because fortunately i have many of my own interest for example I love hockey and my favorite team is the Toronto maple leafs so i am able to blog about them.

do you think this would would make your own blog more interesting?why? Yes I think it would make my own blog interesting because I am not just blogging about the challenges but i am also blogging about me.


Activity 4

The three great blogs i have visited are      I choose these blogs because all of them put so much detail into their posts.Also, they have completed most of their challenges with effort and detail. they even have catchy titles and even cool backgrounds that’s why i considered them as a great blog.







End Hunger!: Week 4

A hungry child or person is weak and tired. They are unable to concentrate, study or work. Hungry people don’t even eat enough  to get the energy they need to live active lives. if you are constantly hungry your immune system will get weaker and weaker witch makes you much more vulnerable to terrible diseases. Millions of people on earth are to poor too get their hands on  good,  nutritious food to help them live healthy lives. We need to help prevent world Hunger! what are some ideas that can  help! comment below with your ideas!

Challenge 6

Connor’s grandparents Are from France and Germany.  Evans grandparents used to live in Scotland They moved to Canada in 1985 and are still here now.

A food my friend eats from his grandparents that had lived Italy was pasta that is one of my favorite foods. Connors family pork and stew.


I was never told about any cultural events my family or my friends’ families particapare in but they probably could participate in some events from their country.

6 generations ago my grandparents came to Canada from Italy




Human Rights

During Class we were learning about Human rights and we started talking about Malalah  Yousafzai of Pakistan she was shot in the head on a bus to school while she was sneaking into school.  I think girls should be able to go to school and I agree with her the The men in Pakistani are able to go to school why not girls. It makes no sense Girls should have the exact same rights as men. As Malalah said the Islam  are afraid of women with education that is why they don’t wont them to go to school. As a Canadian It is great men and women have the exact same rights Girls can play sports,  Boys can play sports, Girls can vote, Boys can vote.  In conclusion In Pakistan Girls should be able to go to school.images (1)image source


A long time ago… in a place far, far away there was a boy named Josh. He was a screamer, he was a cryer and he never slept at all!!


Early Years


Hello my name is josh. I’m here to talk about about my childhood memories and wow there is a lot. Unfortunately I  only have time to share a few so here it goes.  As  I mentioned in the first paragraph I never slept and I would always wake up in the middle of the night. One night I  remember going to my parents room and since my Mom slept on the closest side to me  I went there first. I stood over her head and THEN IT HAPPENED.. my Mom woke up and the only thing she saw was my head. She screamed in fright and fell out of her bed. I was just standing there in confusion.


Another childhood memory was my first day of school I was terrified looking at all the older students because they were so tall and I was so small. Fortunately I was welcomed by my new teacher  She was great teacher and I really liked all of the fun we had in her class. One last childhood memory I have is my 6th birthday.  I had a pirate party with all my new friends from kindergarten. The great thing is the friends I had then are the friends I still have now.


All About Me


         Today I stand as Josh One of my hobbies is to collect Toronto Blue Jay Coke cans. I find it very amusing. My favourite things to do are playing hockey, fishing, playing my on my ipod and watching Sport Centre. I put hockey on my list of favourites because it has been my favourite sport to play and watch all my life. The best day of my life was when I went fishing with my friends.  I was fishing for about 20 minutes with no bites at all until…bass after bass kept biting.  I was reeling them in like no tomorrow and at the end of the day I had caught 16 2-3 pound bass. It was awesome! I also have some of my best days ever at hockey tournaments. They are always a blast! You get to run around like a wild animal and stay up till 1am it’s great!

About my Family

My next topic is about my family. I love everybody in my family the same but if i had to pick a favourite it would be my Dad most of the time… I choose my Dad because he connects with me the best and he knows what I am going through as a guy because he is one too! For example if I get in trouble he’s probably been in the same situation when he was my age so he knows how to deal with it. My family see’s me as a loving son who is very athletic, happy and smart person who will grow up and be able to do great things.


          What I like best about my family is that we leave no man behind. So if we only get two tickets for an event not just 2 of us go – none of us go. My family is awesome! I love them them so much I wouldn’t know what to do without them. But if there was something I would change it would be having another boy in the house. It would be amazing having another boy in the house.  I could play catch with him and hockey.  Wow that would be great! But I still like the family I have today.


My Hopes For The Future

In the future I imagine to be successful starting with grade eight. In grade eight I hope to have a great year where I learn new mind blowing things in different subjects. It will also help me to get prepared for high school with my friends. After grade eight comes high school. High school will be a new start to an awesome 4 years. In high school I plan to get good grades. I want to go for my dream and be a professional hockey player but if that does not go as planned, I want to be a chiropractor.  In my spare time I hope to be able to coach kids in some of the sports I love to play. Finally I would like to get married and raise a family and go on with my amazing life that God has given to me.

All About Me

Hi my name is Josh I live in Ontario Canada My favourite things to do are going fishing with my friends and playing hockey. my hobbies are mostly collecting Toronto blue jays coke cans when I see one I always buy it. As I said before my favourite thing to do is playing hockey I’ve been playing the awesome game since I was three.  My favourite NHL  team is The Toronto Maple Leafs I have loved my whole life. My Sister, my Mom, Dad and cat love the Leafs. My sister and I Both play hockey we love it. icehockey (1)image source